2007, Mike

Google Auto-transcribe

And what would, what would,
but with well in the lead with him in a minute.
"But what happens when let me,"
I said, "Well then we're going live with
it wouldn't have mattered ranch."
The ad opens with a dwindling,
but go ahead with the referendum.

Google has a new auto-transcribe service that converts speech to text.  For the most part, it's pretty good, but when it makes a mistake, the mistake is often quite funny.  However, the proof in how powerful this software is (and can be) is in the text above (the punctuation is mine).  That's the text that's auto-transcribed from this video (embedded below for non-Facebook readers). The interesting thing is that it almost makes sense, and it's not utter gibberish. It's almost poetry, as spoken by a dog.

My first exposure to Google's contextual language processing was in the following video last year, where you see that they do a lot more than simple dictionary lookups:

With the massive amount of language-usage statistics that Google gathers, this technology can only get better (when transcribing real language, of course).
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2007, Mike

Alberta Daytrips

The lovely wife and I are looking at doing some local day trips this summer, and I thought I'd put them on a map.  After putting the map together of places we're interested in, I thought I'd share it here.

I'll try to keep this map updated over the summer, adding new potential day trips, and changing the markers of the places we've visited.
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2007, Mike

A simple plea to writers...

All I'm asking is that if you're writing a story in which you place a character in a room with radiation shielding (in order to protect them from some harmful effect or some such), do not then proceed to let them make or receive mobile phone calls. It will not work.

I've been in such rooms, trust me. No signal.
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