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New Spam

I got a new kind of spam today, which asked me to subscribe to their service to get regular credit reports in order to help fight identity theft.

The message, however, came in to one of my junk email addresses. So, if a credit report agency can't find my real email address, then I'm not so worried about passing up on the service they offer.

(Conversely, I don't know who they are, I could just be giving them the keys to my identity to use as they wish themselves! Heck, they can even send me a regular report, removing their own activity before sending it to me.)
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2007, Mike

Hardware issues...

Alright, I'm stumped on this one.

I've got a computer that won't boot. The motherboard gets power, and when I turn the computer on, the hard drives and fans spin up, but I don't get a POST screen. I don't even get error beeps.

First, I replaced the motherboard and CPU, but the same thing happens. Then, I replaced the power supply, again with no difference. I've tried with and without RAM and the RAID card, and I've tried with different RAM sticks, as well. Both motherboards use on-board video, so there's no video cards in the equation.

Any ideas?

In other news, Zombies.
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2007, Mike

I am writing this post with Google Chrome

Yup, I'm giving Google Chrome a try, and it's the underlying technology that's detailed by their comic that has convinced me to try it.

So far, so good. It's clean, it's neat, and it's fast.

It took me a couple tries to get the Flash plugin working, because the first site I went to that uses Flash had me using the default installer from the Adobe website. However, the second site I went to had Chrome prompt me to use its own plugin, which then worked.

I'm coming from an IE7 background, although I've played with Firefox, Opera, and even Safari for Windows, but neither of them convinced me to switch. I will have to get used to fact that the right click "Open link in new tab" option is now the first entry and not the second, as I use that command a lot.

Some features that have yet to be added:

  • A show picture command in the image context menu to force a reload of images that didn't display the first time.
  • A way to add words to the internal spell checker (a nice feature, by the way).
  • Support for Microsoft Silverlight (which'll have to be written by Microsoft). A lot of the internal plumbing of Chrome appears to be inspired by Microsoft .Net (such as compiling the Javascript to native machine code before running, and managed memory / intelligent garbage collecting). Silverlight is still in its infancy, but promises to bring the rich UI of desktop applications to the web in a way that's much more flexible than Flash. It also promises to give us a more MovieOS experiences, like WPF applications will give in Windows.
  • Click and drag of my mouse's scrollwheel doesn't do a fast scroll of the web page, although the scrollwheel itself will scroll.
  • Mac and Linux versions aren't out yet, but at least they're forthcoming.
  • The WYSIWYG text editor that I use for my websites isn't showing up.
  • More to come...

This is after my 30 minute first impression, but I'm already strongly considering making Chrome my default browser, even though it's only a beta.

As icing on the cake, Google has released Chrome as an open source project in order to push browser technology forward, and is hoping the other browsers will take up the challenge to copy these new features (each tab on its own thread so that one bad tab doesn't bog down the others), as well as come up with something better.

Looking in the crystal ball of the future, I would guess that Chrome may spell the death of either Firefox or IE, and it's most likely going to be Firefox. IE8 is around the corner, and unless Microsoft's engineers have solved the same problems that Google's engineers have solved, then IE8.5 will be coming sooner than expected. Firefox will have to scramble to catch up as well, and perhaps lose a little weight in the process.

Oh, and I approve of the new browser name. :)
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A meme, of sorts...

(Unlike all the other "Which X are you?" quizzes, this one has questions relevant to the results, and in doing so, makes fun of the other quizzes. Also, it does make you think.)

You are the Honourable Mr. Justice William Ian Corneil Binnie. (69.2% match)

[Click for official biography]

Born: 14 Apr 1943 (Aries), Montréal, Québec
Appointed: 1998
Key word: "independence"

As the court of last resort, you and your colleagues potentially hold a lot of power over Canadian society; it is important to exercise that power wisely and only when it's really needed. In your opinions you emphasize the roles and power of other courts, Parliament, and individual citizens themselves, to work out their own problems while still respecting the framework of the law.

Which Canadian Supreme Court Justice are you? v2 by mskala

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2007, Mike

I'm you're funky junkie monkey

I hope this message gets to you in time. You were about to go through an entire day without a proper injection of funk, but don't worry, I've got you covered.

The particular significance of this clip is that it documents what I think is a turning point in live concert history. Before this tour, concerts were just for music, and there were only a few visual elements added to keep your eyes occupied while you were listening to the music. There was some dancing, some special lighting, and perhaps the musicians wore interesting outfits.

Parliament, as seen in this clip, always had outlandish outfits, but this time they turned the visuals way up. They created an experience that didn't blow your ears as much as it blew your mind. This spectacle opened the gates for later stage acts, such as Pink Floyd's live Wall and many 80's big hair metal acts, among others.

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